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I really hate being lonely.

Maybe I'll stop with my dramatic one phrase entries someday.

When things start looking up, if that ever happens.
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I'm going to use this LJ instead, I missed it and I missed YOU.

In case some of you don't have Myspace and havent seen a picture of my precious Kylee..

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She's now going on 7 months. And no, that isnt my arm and leg! Haha.

Theres something new with me right now, but I'm not able to share it yet. And no, I'm not pregnant or married! Hah. Fuck that.

Other then for that, I'm just rotting away in wonderful Ohio. :)

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Well Ive been back in Ohio after a rather brutal break-up..

I'm thinking about updating this old thing more often, we all know I wont.

Well if any of you would like to keep in contact or chat...

AIM - AbortMe123
Yahoo - AbortMe123

And I know you have Myspace, so add me. :)


Or search abortme123@yahoo.com

Whatever is easier.

PS - I did have my baby girl, she's 3 months now. <3
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Long time, no update..

Well throughout almost this entire year of not making any informative posts..
Let me sum my year up for you...

I fell inlove.

Moved to New Jersey.

Annndd.. I'm going to be a mommy in about 3 weeks. :)

I have another more updated LJ "shesgotclass77", add it.

I'll be really amazed if I'm still on people's friend's list on this name, seriously.
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